betweenMD Is dedicated to better health with improved sleep by combining data and qualitative insights.



Our SleepOS solution integrates data from wearable devices with qualitative insights. Leveraging AI technology, we facilitate connections to tailored content or personalized coaching, thereby elevating the overall sleep experience.



HypnOS is in development to address nightmares and other sleep disturbances experienced by trauma survivors through digital therapeutic interventions.

Sleep Health Awareness

 We can integrate multiple wearables with to provide individual and group health awareness about sleep.

Personalized Connection

We “Connect” people to the right resource to guide, coach or listen to the right resources.

Sleep Improvement

Program Providers can use our platform to better understand the impact of their programs.

We empower you to manage your health through better sleep!

Program Providers

We provide solutions for Program Providers for those that live with symptoms of trauma.

We leverage quantitative and qualitative data to assist them in maximizing the effectiveness of their programs.

We offer tailored solutions for Program Providers catering to individuals living with trauma symptoms. Utilizing a blend of quantitative and qualitative data, we empower them to optimize the efficacy of their programs.

Military and Veterans

We focus on delivery of sleep awareness solutions in conjunction with partners.

We are actively developing unique Digital Therapeutics to focus on the unique needs of those impacted by trauma.

We provide value-based focus for all parties in the system.

We specialize in delivering sleep awareness solutions in collaboration with our partners. Concurrently, we are at the forefront of developing innovative Digital Therapeutics tailored to address the distinct needs of individuals affected by trauma. Our approach is rooted in delivering value-based solutions that benefit all stakeholders within the system.

First Responder Organizations

First Responder Organizations have become further stressed over the past few years.

We are providing insights on how sleep can impact individual’s short and long term health, so that they can take action.

First Responder Organizations have experienced heightened stress levels in recent years. Our mission is to offer valuable insights into how sleep directly influences both short-term performance and long-term health outcomes for individuals in these high-pressure roles. By equipping them with this knowledge, we empower proactive steps towards better health and well-being.

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Pioneers in HIPAA education and consulting, decades experience with highly-available, secure systems.


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