Facilitating life improving outcomes for active duty military, veterans and first responders who are facing the challenges of sleep, stress and chronic nightmares.


Optimum Somnum

Our cloud based platform enables a Convergent Therapeutic™ approach. This is achieved with FDA approved wearables, biometrics, and novel data analytics that provides actionable data to the clinical support team.

Sleep Awareness

Use our platform to uncover insights on how sleep impacts your life.

Health Monitoring

We monitor health indicators with assessments and biometric devices.

Personalized Connection

We guide people to the right resource if further support is requested.

We enable you to control your health data!

Military and Veterans

Focused delivery of sleep awareness solutions in conjunction with partners.

Developing unique Digital Therapeutics to focus on the unique needs of those who serve.

Value based focus for all parties in the system.

First Responder Organizations

First Responder Organizations have become further stressed over the past few years. Find out how lack of sleep can impact individuals short and long term health, and take action.

HIPAA-Compliant, Highly-Secure Software

Pioneers in HIPAA education and consulting, decades experience with highly-available, secure systems.


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