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Our team has decades of experience delivering healthcare solutions for providers, patents, and administrators.

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Andy Quinn

Andy Quinn

Founder and CEO

Harnessing his past experience, Andy’s vision for betweenMD is to allow all of us to be connected in the appropriate way to real time and personalized medical support.


Lucien Rucci

Lucien Rucci

Chief Technology Officer

As technology evangelist with a business perspective and an aptitude for influencing and motivating people, Lucien has provided exceptional value for companies across a variety of markets including healthcare, education, government, and high-tech manufacturing.

Kyle Cox

Kyle Cox


Kyle is the Founding Partner at ATP Fund, a seed-stage deep-tech venture fund & startup studio, bringing nearly 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and investment management.

Franck Guilloteau

Franck Guilloteau

Chief Strategy Officer

With over 30 plus years of healthcare-industry experience working directly with all the stakeholders across the value chain  and over 100 product development projects in 30 product categories, Franck provides unique strategic insight on product and value proposition development.

We provide real time solutions

for you to help maintain your health and monitor for a baseline of data about your health.

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Andy Quinn

Andy Quinn is the CEO and founder of betweenMD.  Harnessing his past experience, 
Andy’s vision for betweenMD is to allow all of us to be connected in the appropriate way to real time and personalized medical support.

He brings over twenty years of working with data in technology healthcare and finance to lead our team and our innovative solutions. Andy knows how to deploy the best and brightest technology to improve the quality of life, business outcomes, and ultimately employers’ bottom line. With all of his healthcare background and expertise, he is a HIPAA compliance expert and maintains privacy within the regulatory guidelines with all that he does. As the COO at Quick Compliance, Andy trained hundreds of thousands of people in HIPAA Privacy compliance in three months at insurance companies, including Anthem BCBS and WellPoint, and at over 500 US hospitals, including Mt. Sinai, New York Presbyterian, and Tufts. Working with the Department of Defense, Andy and his team also trained over 170,000 staff at TriCare.

Andy and his team went on to provide US and global online solutions for disease state education, physician education, nurse education, and product training at over thirty of the leading pharmaceutical, medical device, and biologics companies in the world including Boston Scientific, St. Jude Medical, Abbott, and Amgen. 

Andy is a passionate visionary and quintessential entrepreneur. Prior companies where Andy has been a part of the founding team have been acquired by Microsoft and Discovery.

Andy is the chairman of NAFI CT, a multiservice agency providing youth and family support services. Andy and his wife, Amy, are native to Connecticut, but currently reside in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

Lucien Rucci

Lucien is an Information Technology executive with experience in multiple startups including as CIO of Engyro, a finance & banking SaaS company with an exit to Microsoft, and as CTO of QuickCompliance, a healthcare education company sold to Discovery.

He managed the development of a wearable with leading-edge, clinical-grade sensors and architected the SaaS platform, Data Analytics, and mobile/web apps for monitoring the health status of individuals and enterprises. Lucien also architected an educational gaming platform providing healthcare-related training and CME certification to medical professionals for Discovery Health Channel. He delivered HIPAA training for 2M clients from Blue Cross organizations, hospital systems, Anthem, Wellpoint, and the U.S. Military’s TRICARE program, including over 200k online e-learning students.

Subsequently he developed clinical disease and FDA regulated product-specific courseware for pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and hospital systems including Amgen, Abbott, Forest Laboratories, Boston Scientific, St. Jude Medical, UPMC, and others.

His healthcare experience also includes the development of one of the first mobile applications to integrate medical devices into Apple’s Health app at its initial launch in 2014.

Lucien also has prior experience architecting software systems and infrastructure for a variety of clients, lead IT for a Fortune 200 telecommunication manufacturer, and was a pioneer in the development of a Business Intelligence system utilized by a Fortune 100 organization.

He is a graduate of Trinity College with a B.S. in Physics/Mathematics.

Lucien and his wife, Claudia, live in Canton CT.

Franck Guilloteau

Franck Guilloteau’s healthcare-industry experience spans 30 plus years. He has worked directly with all stakeholders in the healthcare value chain including suppliers, providers, payers, government agencies, and consumers in both the for-profit and non-profit space. 

Worked with national health systems C-suites to integrate culture after acquisitions, align stakeholders, and restructure operational and clinical functions to drive efficiencies.  Developed technology platform to evaluate culture, optimize hiring and talent selection to reduce turn-over.

Involved in more than 100 product development teams spanning 30 product categories, including pharmaceuticals, devices, capital equipment, and health information technologies. Led projects for global clients including; CareFusion, Cardinal, Siemens AG, Siemens US, GE Healthcare, Fuji, Genzyme, and Roche.

Directly contributed to the National Quality Forum-Endorsed® Safe Practices and Leapfrog Group Safe Practice Leap and led the development team for a computer physician order entry (CPOE) simulator used by the Leapfrog Group to measure accuracy and reliability of deployed systems.

Franck has a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Kyle Cox

Kyle specializes in early-stage healthcare and technology companies and has served in executive leadership positions at Firefly Mobile, GenerationOne, QuickCompliance (sold to Discovery Channel Health), WebMD, and Abbott (St. Jude Medical).

Kyle currently serves on multiple boards, including Alafair Biosciences and arts-based education not-for-profit, MindPOP. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from Emory University.