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Sleep OS™ Suite


  • Sleep OSInsight

  • Sleep OS  Force R²

  • Sleep OS HYPNOS

Solutions for:

    • Programs, Commands

    • Physicians, Mental Health Care Professionals

Measurement & outcomes-based care

    • Correlated Reporting

    • Multiple secure roles

    • Providing an OS for Optimal Sleep

Onboarding Manual

To get the most out of your betweenMD

Sleep OS™ Insight

system, please download and read the following.

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Where can I find set up instructions or information on how to troubleshoot the device?

Pointing your phone’s camera at the QR code on the box will take you to a web page (this one) for your device which includes, among other things, a Onboarding Manual, Demonstration Video, FAQs, Support information, and other information.

Kairos Troubleshooting

Check for updates in the Vital Science app

(For an illustrated Kairos Troubleshooting PDF guide, click on this page.)

Open your TestFlight app.

If the button to the right of Vital Science says Update, please touch the button and follow the onscreen directions to update the app.

 Once completed you may touch the Open button which will bring up the new app.

Note, the icon you normally use to open the app will now take you to the new version also.

Check for firmware updates for the Kairos wristband

Check to see if there is a pending update for the wristband.  To do this do the following:

Touch the Gear icon at the bottom right.

This will bring up the Settings page.

If your Kairos has a pending update you should see a red Update badge next to the word Kairos at the top.

If this is present, please ensure that your Kairos is charged and in proximity to your phone, touch the Update badge and follow the onscreen directions.

Further troubleshooting

If neither of these steps indicate that you have a pending update, please do the following:

Click on Bluetooth on your phone:

Turn it OFF.

Now Turn it ON.

Go back to the Vital Science app and see if your devices are getting connected.

If it’s still not connecting, then exit the Biostrap app completely and then restart it and see if your devices are getting connected.

Or you can also try to:

Turn Bluetooth off on your phone.

Turn your phone off.

Turn your phone back on.

Turn Bluetooth back on.

Go back to the Biostrap App and see if your devices are getting connected.

If this fails:

Reset your wristband by doing the following:

Press the button on Kairos until the green strobe comes up.  Then press it again.  You will see a boot up sequence.

Once completed Kairos should be reset.

Wear the device for 24 hours, ensure it has synced and see if the problem has resolved.

Advanced troubleshooting steps if required

Download the Universal Test SDK App on Testflight to install new analysis firmware.

Once you load the new FW, exit the Universal Test SDK app and open the Vital Science app.

Then do the following:

  1. Go to Settings > Recording Settings.
  2. Turn on “Log Diagnostic Packets”
  3. Turn on “Raw Data Mode”
  4. Turn on “Enable pull-based sync”
  5. Press the trash can icon next to Export Processed Data so we can start fresh.

Then just wear the device for 24 hours.

Once you wake up in the morning, make sure device is synced (it might take a while since we are sending raw data). Then “Export Processed Data” and send the zip file to support.

I can't seem to connect to my device. What can I do?
Click on Bluetooth on your phone

Turn it OFF

Now Turn it ON

Go back to the Biostrap app and see if your devices are getting connected

If it’s still not connecting then:

Exit the Biostrap app completely and then restart it and see if your devices are getting connected.

Or you can also try to:

Turn Bluetooth off on your phone

Turn your phone off

Turn your phone back on 

Turn Bluetooth back on 

Go back to the Biostrap App and see if your devices are getting connected

My device doesn't always seem to charge. What do I do?

Due to the charger form factor and how it sits on the charging cradle with the band on, please take a moment to correctly place the device on the charger and note that the white/blue charging light turns orange.  This indicates that the band is charging.  You will also note that the device will flash red a couple of times within several seconds of the start of charging.  Please make sure that the band is situated such that it does not fall or is knocked off the charger.

Where can I find out how much charge is left on the band's battery?

The way to tell the status of the battery is to touch the gear icon at the far bottom right in the app. This will display the device name and it’s charge level at the top left.

How long does the Biostrap Evo battery last?

The charge on a brand new Evo band may potentially last more than 24 hours but it depends on how frequently data is recorded, how frequently data is synced to your phone, and the distance between your band and your phone.

How long does it take to process my sleep information?

Processing time is noted on the app once a sync is complete. Generally it’s in minutes although it could be up to an hour or so depending on connectivity factors (including distance between the phone and Evo, and whether or not syncing was occuring in the background while you were sleeping). In general you should always ensure that the Biostrap app is open on your phone at night. Note this does NOT mean that the app has to be showing on your screen, it just need to be running in the background.

If I don't wear the band should I do the assessment anyways?

Yes! Please do fill in the assessment as this provides a better idea of your sleep patterns.

Need Help?

If you have any questions regarding the mobile app or betweenMD web page, please contact us at the following:

[email protected].

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