Who We Serve

From the most vunerable to the frontline workers we provide an essential solution because your health matters


Hospitals have become the last line of defense in the war against the coronavirus, COVID-19.

These front line institutions are hoping to survive and carry on in the face of impending waves of patients.

We have learned, however, that hospitals can become overloaded overnight.

Reports from other nations show that hospitals are at >200% capacity and are staffed by exhausted employees.

What if a hospital worker contracts this virus? This last line of defense – our hospital workers – cannot easily be replaced.

If our nurses, doctors, and other medical personnel become sick because of coworker transmission, we cannot quickly train more.

Senior Living

Evidence indicates our elderly population and those with underlying health issues as being the most at-risk population to the coronavirus, COVID-19.

While visitors are currently restricted to protect this population, those providing critical health services are still exposed to the outside world and may be undetected carriers of the coronavirus for potentially fourteen days.

When basic personal protection equipment is expensive and challenging to procure, innovative solutions can assist with caring for the providers and residents and can double as an investment in long-term proactive and innovative healthcare providing for enhanced service and peace of mind.

We must prevent what occurred at the senior center in Washington state, where overnight it became the first epicenter of the U.S. coronavirus crisis, as it spread through 95% of the healthcare professionals.


Federal, state, and municipal governments have a vested public health, economic, and human capital interest in stopping the spread of coronavirus by frontline healthcare professionals and first responders.

The most effective step to stop the spread of this virus are barriers (i.e. masks, gowns, etc.), but those aren’t as available as they should be.

If our frontline forces are in repeated contact with individuals who have the virus and they contract it undetected, then they subsequently can infect their teams without realizing it.


There is no more important bottom line for businesses than the health and well-being of their employees, particularly in the current climate.

We need to support those who are vital assets to our communities-those employees providing daily essentials such as food, to those employees ensuring the success and longevity of our supply chain, and to those employees who support our critical infrastructure.

betweenMD’s wearable devices provide assurance and real-time data to detect any early signs of COVID-19. At the end of the day, employees’ health matters not only for companies’ bottom line dollar but more importantly for all of the people depending upon their service for the community at large.

Individuals and Families

There is no greater asset than your personal health and the health of your loved ones.

By using our innovative solution and resources, rest assured that you and your family members will be alerted to the early symptoms of illness. 

Even when a family member is not nearby, you’ll have the ability to monitor their vitals from your phone wherever you are and be alerted in case of emergency.   

Knowing this key and potentially life-altering information at the earliest possible time is all the more essential.