Why betweenMD

Changing Patient To Participant

Why betweenMD?

An individual must be an active participant a healthy life, they cannot wait, or be dependent on just the medical system.    

By being an active participant and working with medical professionals, actively engaging pharmacists, behavior change experts, and community connections, everyone wins.


noun [C]

A person who takes part in something.

Using the combination of data collection and analysis on betweenMD’s scalable multi-tier, HIPAA-compliant solution, our clinicians virtually assess, provide health monitoring, and guide patients and families to unlock patients’ real-time health insights and effectively improve health conditions.

Providing six key missing links

Engaging and customizable content

Expertise in customizable, engaging, rewarding content in healthcare
Allows Providers to choose from multiple approaches
Incentive integration

Integrated mult-condition multi-device platform

Designed from a participant centric perspective
Support for multiple conditions and taking multiple inputs

For the past nineteen years we worked with leaders in healthcare to bring new solutions to market for leading global companies.

Providing six key missing links

Data and dollars

Integrated from pre-approval, payments
Data provided back to insurance and pharma on real world usage
Proper real world data, digital nudges and custom clinically validated care paths

Supplemental care team integration

Family and community
Mental health

For the past nineteen years we worked with leaders in healthcare to bring new solutions to market for leading global companies.

We provide real time solutions

for you to help maintain your health and monitor for a baseline of data about your health.

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Having worked with many world class companies, we can provide a platform to get these great solutions into the hands of the people and providers who needed them most.


When founding team members created one of the first compliant solutions for Apple Health, they saw a new future. Solutions for Personalized Population Health Management.  So with great partners and investors the betweenMD platform was created.

One of the key insights we had in 2015 and 2016 was that there were a number of innovative device companies who were going to go through challenges of clinical or real world validation, then regulatory hurdles, then sales challenges, funding issues and  then implementation and adoption issues.


We are focused on activating a network of relationships to deliver effective solutions to underserved parts of the US Healthcare delivery systems.

RPM provides one of the most effective ways to continuously reach people and keep them in good health.

In the summer of 2017 two major health systems told us the platform was two to three years ahead of their needs.

They were right.


In the past few years we worked architecting and implementing global and US compliant blockchain solutions. Realizing the balance between personal privacy and governmental concerns mirrored that of health care.

Our founder has deep knowledge and respect for Personal Privacy, working with over 500 institutions to educate hundreds of thousands of insurance and healthcare workers, in a few short months.